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Psychic Medium &
Shamanic Practioner

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Hello and welcome to my site! My name is Angela Peterson and I have been working

in the spiritual field for 10+ years. Learning, teaching and healing are truly my biggest passions in this life. I am a Psychic/Medium, Spiritual Teacher and heart-based Healer in Sedona, AZ. I use my gifts to create a bridge between the physical and the spiritual realms. I had a profound awakening when I was a teenager that charted the course of my spiritual journey. I started doing one on one healing sessions with people when I became a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, and I learned so much about the connection between the spirit and the body. My learning continued through reading books and attending many workshops all while teaching and co-hosting classes of my own. I yearned to go even deeper in my healing work, and spirit lead me to an amazing mountain property where I would work and learn alongside a Traditional Shaman and her rescued animal family. The love and the healing I experienced on that mountain from the people, the animals and the land created a depth of growth and transformation beyond anything I could have imagined, and my life is forever changed because of it.

My goal is to create more connection in our world, whether that connection is to ourselves, each other, the earth, the animals or even the spirit world, it all matters. Connection is life, and humans need to feel safe in order to connect. My goal is to help create that safe space within each of us, so that we can create an entire world that is safe for all of us to be our uniquely authentic selves. Healing starts within, and one person can and does make a difference. It is my passion and my purpose to assist anyone who chooses to take this journey to greater awareness and joy. I am here to teach, love, support and learn from each and every one of you.


Latest Video: July Energy Forecast

Check out my upcoming healing retreats here in Sedona, AZ!

Join us for a powerful healing experience here in the amazingly beautiful Sedona, AZ!

As you may know, Sedona is renowned for its healing energies and vortex experiences.

We, as healers, know how powerful this land is, and we invite you to experience it for yourself. 

Click the link below for more information or to book your retreat!



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This has been a very difficult year for me emotionally and spiritually. I am acutely feeling the intensity of what is happening in the world, as many of us are. These are difficult times for everyone, and I am becoming increasingly aware of how extreme internal separation and fragmentation really is. We have all been...



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