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Client Feedback

“ Angela is amazing! I have not been receiving readings from her that long, but already I have learned so much about myself. She is kind and has this way of making you feel at peace when she is speaking with you. I am truly grateful that God has placed her on my path! ”


“Angela changed my life! From my first reading from her, started a ripple of healing, and living truth in my life. Angela has showed me how beautiful, important, and unique your own healing process can be. It is amazing watching her work with her gifts; seeing and feeling how much she genuinely cares for the well being of others. She has not only helped me through my emotional traumas, but has also taken on one of the most influential roles in the development of my own gifts. I am grateful I met Angela, and I look forward to every session I have with her! Truly something to experience, there aren’t enough words to fully express how it feels to gain the clarity and peace of healing. “

Brittany W.

“I walked into Crystal Magic on a complete whim but felt immediately called to have a session with Angela. My experience with her was something I was searching for my entire life, I truly felt like a new person after my AKA cord ceremony and hike. I have other sessions with Angela that include readings and connecting and healing my past. I continue to meet with Angela as often as my schedule allows. I can’t imagine going my whole life and never having this experience, it truly changed my whole entire life. I am so grateful to her and the energy of Sedona.”

Heather L.

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