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Creating Wholeness in Body, Mind & Spirit

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I am a Psychic Medium and this allows me to connect with the spirits of loved ones who have passed on to receive messages of comfort & healing. These sessions are focused mainly on communicating with spirits who have crossed over and receiving the messages they have to share. This can be a very healing process for both the spirits and the loved ones still living in physical form. I have found this process to be quite transformational for all parties, as quite a lot of energy and emotion can be released and cleared during a mediumship reading. This session is one on one only.
Readings can be done online or in person in Sedona, AZ.


I am a psychic and a medium and some of my intuitive gifts include the ability to read emotions, sense, feel and see psychic information, and receive messages from spirit. In this reading, I communicate with a persons spirit or higher self as well as spirit guides to receive information about the past, present and the future direction based on current life events. These readings also reveal things that need healing and blocks that need releasing in order for a person to line up with their hearts true desires. I may incorporate oracle cards into the reading, though it is not necessary. This is a one on one reading and is perfect for a person who needs guidance and direction about their current life circumstances.
Readings can be done long distance over zoom or in person in Sedona, AZ.
PLEASE NOTE: This is not a mediumship reading. Please book a mediumship reading if your main goal is to communicate with loved ones who have crossed over.

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This is a hands-on treatment that integrates the use of Traditional Shamanism from the Hawaiian, Native American, South American and Chinese traditions, along with the healing energy of plant spirits to release blocks, clear Chakras and open the energy pathways in the body. These sessions are geared toward an individuals needs, and may include Shadow Work, Inner Child Healing, Extraction, Soul Retrieval, Hawaiian AKA Cord Cutting, etc... The focus of this work is on healing the root cause of an issue, rather than just treating the symptoms. This session is done in person in Sedona, AZ.
Get 20% off when you buy a package of 3 sessions.


This is an online healing session similar to the in person Integrative Healing session that is meant to help you own your power and create more wholeness within. These sessions are geared toward an individuals needs, and may include Shadow Work, Inner Child Healing, Extraction, Soul Retrieval, Hawaiian AKA Cord Cutting, etc... The focus of this work is on healing the root cause of an issue, rather than just treating the symptoms. 
Get 20% off when you purchase a package of 3 sessions.

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Sessions can be purchased in packages of 3 or 6.
Powerful sessions to assist you in truly owning your power and authenticity through greater awareness, deeper self-discovery, inner child healing, past reconciliation, creating healthy boundaries and a secure and loving relationship with yourself! In these sessions, I will meet you where you are now and assist you in your progression on your individual path to greater joy and spiritual alignment. If you are at a cross roads, feel stuck, or want to create a deeper and more loving relationship with yourself, then these sessions are for you!


Our physical and energetic wombs carry the energies of creation, birth and new beginnings. Whether you have experienced the loss of a child or a creative project before giving birth to them, the creative energy of the womb can become blocked by grief and other emotions or trauma. These sessions assist in releasing blocks and energetically completing the cycle to help create healing and new life. Session can include: Supportive Listening & Emotional Processing, Womb Clearing & Healing, Energetic Cleansing of Female Organs to assist in proper functioning, etc…
This service is included in the Integrative Healing Session.

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I have taught many classes on a variety of spiritual topics, and I have co-hosted several retreats and workshops. Teaching is truly my biggest passion. I've learned so much by studying, experiencing and implementing much of what I learned into my own personal life. My goal as a teacher is to assist people in really getting to know themselves, so that they have the ability to trust their own internal guidance and to make choices and connections that are healthy and in alignment with who they are. For more information on upcoming classes and workshops, please check out my Events page.

Integrative Energy Healing
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