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I am so grateful you are here. Thank you for your support! All of the meditations I have created have been inspired by visions, feelings and information given to me by Spirit. Each meditation is unique and meant to bring both healing and awareness to the soul. Enjoy!

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This is a beautiful meditation I received from my guides to help you raise your overall energy vibration and frequency. Raising your frequency helps to cleanse the physical and energy bodies by loosening dense and heavy energies so they can be released. It is a great meditation for healing of any kind.


This is a heart healing and cord cutting meditation created to help release or heal painful relationships or circumstances that you feel may be holding you back or blocking your ability to move forward in self-love. This mediation helps you to re-own your power with other people.


This is a grounding meditation to help overall well-being. If you are feeling scattered, overwhelmed, stressed or confused, this is a perfect meditation to help bring you back to your center, ground you and connect you to the Earth and your core. This is a wonderful meditation to do on a daily basis to bring empowerment and confidence into your energy field, especially for those of you who struggle with boundaries.

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