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Channeled Message from the Masters

This will resonate in many of you and so must be spoken. There is a great wave of energy entering the Earth and her residents right now. This energy is a frequency that can change everything. Many of you feel this frequency on a very conscious level and many of you don't. Those who do not feel it consciously are unawakened. There is a feeling of quaking in many of you, the earth inside you is shifting and lessening in its density. As this process happens it can feel like a great dose of medicine that has strong purgative effects. This medicine is something everyone is experiencing, some of you more willingly than others. If you allow this medicine to do its work on you then you will feel more and more relieved, like taking a deep breath after being submerged in water. Though, you will experience wave after wave - think of it as like a baptism or cleansing of your body and soul as you release denser energies that have been holding you like a tether to the matrix construct that has been created to control. One such tether is the fear that has been purposely magnetized and emphasized through your screens. The more you tune into the frequency of this fear that has been propagated, the more you will lose your connection to your true knowing or "authenticity" as you call it. People with dementia reflect a truth many of you are unaware of. They are being erased to not know themselves, as have you been, in a way, erased. Much truth has been kept from you in every arena of life. You are not powerless. Many among you are aware of these truths, while many of you resist these truths and try to keep alive the old constructs of illusion that have been comfortable and known to you. If you keep patching holes in a ship that is sinking you will eventually drown. Many of you see fog when you look ahead because you are too scared to see that you must move on to another ship.

As long as you resists the waves that purge you, by holding on to the constructs that are dysfunctional or cause disruption or blocks in your connection to your greater awareness or knowing of the truth of your Divine being - this will cause you to be tossed and turned and sucked into the undertow, rarely, if ever, coming up for air.

Those of you who have been called to be the way showers or "healers" as you may be called, are already feeling the intensity of the purpose you are here for. This is the year you must show yourselves, to be transparent in your knowing, to give and share this awareness as far and wide as you are able. You must trust the work you have done and will do will not go unnoticed. For it is this work that has shifted the planet to give her and yourselves a chance at a "brighter future". DO NOT be discouraged. DO NOT fall into the trap of thinking you are powerless, for it is YOU who will create the "New Earth". This is a process of transformation like the caterpillar into a butterfly, in which you must first become goo. You contain the cells, the DNA to make that shift and to show others, who are less aware, this same alchemical process. You must keep your vibrations high, though this does not mean to ignore denser energies, but instead, to transmute them by allowing them movement, through feeling and expression, allow their release through your cells and bodies. The past carries much weight in the denseness of humans, so you must release the past that weighs you down. The Divine energies are in great support this year of the transformations that are aligning with the wellness of the Earth and her inhabitants.

Be careful where you focus your energies and be honest in your desires that they may manifest from your TRUE heart.

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