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Updated: Apr 29, 2020

So, I have a blog… haha… more like a public journal, I think. A public journal that my spirit guides want me to write. I know that this is for my own healing, as well as the healing of others. It is causing me to stay in my awareness and my honor. There is a part of me that really wants to filter what I write here, but I cannot write when I try to filter what comes. Nothing happens.  I have started two other posts that I’ve discarded because I could feel myself resisting the flow that wants to come through me. This blog is about Spirit truth and authenticity, it isn’t to write what I think I should say, or what I think you want to hear. If I did that I wouldn’t be writing from spirit, I would be writing from fear. There is way too much fear in the world today. What we need most right now is truth. Truth in the form of oneness, compassion, honor, empathy, freedom, self-empowerment, etc…  How many people do you know with a thyroid disorder? I know several, and they are mostly women. These disorders, among other things, happen when we don’t speak our truth and our throat chakra gets out of alignment.

throat chakra

Throat Chakra

The throat chakra represents our ability to trust, have faith, and express ourselves. It represents our ability to be honest with ourselves and with others. It represents the power of choice and our ability to surrender our personal will into the hands of the Divine. It represents our communication with others, and our ability to hear and to listen even beyond the physical senses. Physically it’s range is from the collar bone to the bottom part of the nose and the ears. It relates to the thyroid, the neck, throat, mouth, jaw and ears. Issues with anything in this part of the body alerts us to an out of balance throat chakra.

For the last couple of years I have had this on and off issue with my jaw getting out of alignment (i.e. myself getting out of alignment…). A couple of the times it happened, I had to chew my food on the right side of my mouth because my jaw was so misaligned that my teeth on the left side couldn’t even touch when I closed my jaw. It was very painful to open my mouth, let alone chew my food. It once lasted for about 3 weeks and my jaw would ache even in my sleep. I know that the cause of this physical issue was a build up of unspoken and un-felt feelings experienced over many years, as well as my own resistance to expressing my gifts. The main emotions I experienced during these phases were anger, fear and frustration. Anger at myself for not speaking up and for allowing my boundaries to be violated, fear that I couldn’t change and would do it again, and frustration at the pain it was causing me. Screaming can be a wonderful way of releasing some of this. Trust me, I know ;-)

bird screaming

Anger is always about boundaries. If you don’t think you’re angry, check again. If you don’t have healthy boundaries, I can guarantee there is anger somewhere inside of you. A lot of us have been taught that anger is bad or wrong, it’s neither. It is a valid human emotion and should be treated as such. We get angry when we violate our own boundaries and we get angry when we allow others to violate our boundaries. Examples of violating our own boundaries are: saying yes when we mean no, saying no when we mean yes, pretending to be something we’re not for the sake of acceptance, staying in an unhealthy job or relationship, not making time for self-care, choosing fear instead of faith, ignoring your emotions, the list goes on and on… Boundaries are defined by one thing: OUR FEELINGS.  If we do not honor how we feel, we violate our boundaries and we stop trusting ourselves. A lack of self-trust creates low self-worth and  low self-esteem. It is also the primary cause of anxiety. When we are functioning at low to zero self-worth and self-esteem it is impossible to make healthy choices in our lives. This also means it’s impossible to have a sense of healthy boundaries in the self or others. As you can see, it’s a nasty domino effect. (For a detailed explanation of how to create healthy boundaries, watch this awesome video: Teal Swan – Boundaries )

It wasn’t until I moved away from my hometown to live on a mountain with two wonderful women and a large number of animal friends that I realized I had no clue what a healthy boundary actually is. I also realized that almost every other person in the world has no clue what a healthy boundary is, either. We are in an emotional dark age, people! If our boundaries are guided by our emotional compass (the heart), and we are taught to ignore that compass then guess what happens? Disaster! Our lives are completely destroyed! … I’m kidding… sort of… it may depend on the person. But seriously, what happens is we get so far out of alignment with ourselves that we no longer know what our true needs, dreams, desires, likes and dis-likes really are. These are what I consider to be personal truth. We need to know these things intimately, they are what define who we are meant to be and what our purpose is in this life. So please, for all of us on this earth, start paying attention to your feelings, start to make choices that honor you and others. If you have a hard time feeling your emotions, watch this video: How To Feel Your Emotions

Feeling our emotions is critical to our well-being. The purpose of emotion is to link us with our spirits by being our guidance system or compass. Our emotions let us know whether or not we are in alignment with our higher self/purpose. Positive emotion tells us we are in alignment, negative emotion tells us we are out of alignment. Suffering is what happens when we resist our emotions. We do not have to suffer. We can live in a state of joy by releasing all resistance and embracing all feeling. It’s impossible to be happy all of the time, happiness is an emotion, joy is a state of being that comes from allowing ourselves to experience the entire range of emotion without resistance.


Now that I finally know what a healthy boundary is and I’ve learned how to honor my own for the most part,  it’s sticking to them that can be difficult. It is, yet again, another commitment to self, and this requires constant self-awareness. I’m learning that the most important choices I make are not regarding the people and circumstances outside of myself, but rather the choices I make on the inside. The choice to be aware of myself, the choice to acknowledge my feelings and emotions. The choice to acknowledge my gifts and my guides. The choice to commit to my path. And finally, the choice to HONOR every single part of me. This is how to build self-trust, and ultimately, SELF-LOVE.

baby kissing mirror

True self-love 😉

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